The following are a few of the many testimonials written by Michelle’s clients around the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad.

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We were extremely impressed with Michelle Yu’s legal services. She really pulled through for us at a critical time. Throughout the process, she maintained her focus on pursuing our best interests, and did not rest until our issues were resolved. She stands up for the rights of her clients with the utmost of vigor. Her educational and work history are impressive, and she draws upon a vast fund of knowledge and experience with which to defend her clients. I am so grateful that we had her on our team.


from, Hillsborough, California

Michelle assisted me with an estate planning matter involving primarily, real estate.  She is attentive and analytical and answers every question in a clear and understandable manner.  She delivered sound solutions to protect my family.  She is client-focused, trustworthy and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend her.


from, San Francisco, California

Michelle is a conscientious, knowledgeable and client-driven attorney with a human touch. She has assisted me on numerous occasions in my business and real estate dealings and provided me with invaluable legal and personal advice which has helped me to make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes. As an attorney, Michelle quickly adopts her client’s perspective and tackles legal issues as if they were her own. She is a great person to have fighting in your corner. 


from, London, England

Ms. Yu assisted us with a particularly unfair tax decision relating to an assessment of a work of art received as a gift from an overseas relative.  She reviewed the regulations, spoke with government officials and correctly opined that we should not pay the tax, but seek an exemption.  She wrote a brilliant letter explaining the law and our facts.  Through persistent phone calls to the tax departments, she finally obtained the exemption for us.  Her fees represented only a fraction of the tax payable and we would have paid it had she not given us her valuable advice and professional services.  She kept us informed of the developments and the documents she prepared for us were simple to understand and easy to implement.  Her personal touch to her professional services and her attention to detail makes her a truly professional lawyer.


from, Hong Kong, attorney practicing for over 30 years in Asia

We are extremely pleased with the legal services that Michelle provided to us. As a committed professional, Michelle has demonstrated diligence, efficiency, discipline, and responsiveness throughout the project. Her attention to details and personal touches have generated a sense of confidence and trust. In summary, we feel that Michelle is a legal professional that we would recommend to anyone without hesitation.

S.L. and I.L.

from, Milpitas, California

Michelle took the time to navigate the complexities of the trust. I had a situation where she took the time to call the county assessor’s office for me to clear some potential tax consequences up. I have and will continue to refer her.


from, Palo Alto, California

Michelle helped us with our estate planning documents.  We appreciate Michelle’s thoroughness and her patience in explaining each section to us in layman’s terms so that we could understand the legal documents.  I look forward to working with her on other legal matters in the future.


from, Palo Alto, California

Michelle provides an outstanding service representing my family’s interest and my small business. Her thorough work and swift responses beat my expectation. It is a pleasure working with her.


from, Mountain View, California

Ms. Yu’s professionalism and service by far exceeded any legal services that I have worked with. She is very knowledgeable, detail oriented and thorough. From each conference call to every email, Michelle has always been very prompt, efficient and explained legal jargons into terms that could be easily understood. What really made Michelle special was that she always had my best interest in sight. Thank you for all of your help!


from, Menlo Park, California

Michelle Yu is a well respected and very knowledgeable attorney that I contacted to assist me with some estate work.  Her professionalism is top-notch and she delivered as promised.  She had done her due diligence thoroughly and I could not be happier, knowing that we are now properly protected.  Thank you Michelle for your hard work and I look forward to introducing you to my contacts.


from, Alamo, California

Thank you for your excellent work and diligent effort in assisting us.  You are always looking out for the client which makes you an invaluable professional to have by our side.  Invaluable attorneys are the ones who will thrive during any type of economy. Your work is greatly appreciated.


from, San Francisco, California

I truly enjoyed working with Michelle.  She is very focused, articulate and concise with her legal advice.  Most of all, I admire her ethical standard and thoughtfulness.  She is someone whom I trust and would rely upon in the future.


from, Fremont, California

Thank you for the high quality and fast turnaround of your work.  We also appreciate your flexible fee structure and would strongly recommend you as a trustworthy legal professional to anyone we know.


from, Cupertino, California